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    Mobile Banking – The way of the future?

    Is mobile banking the way of the future...? GSMA real-time data shows that approximately 66.72% of the world’s population atleast own a cell phone. This is approximated to about 5.13 billion people as of 2019 who own a cell phone against a world population of 7.69 billion people. Though account penetration remains unequal across regions, there is seemingly an increase in account penetration in the developing world of about 13 percent from 41 percent in 2011. This has been made possible through mobile banking. The increased use of cell phones in banking making accounts accessible to everyone who owns a cell phone. The top secret in the modern banking industry…

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    Springs Fellowship Church Kingitini

    A branch of Mwingi Springs The church was planted in the year 2012 by pastor Benson Kimanzi Momba as the church overseer under the supervision of Reverend Geoffrey Matiti. We started by erecting some posts and roofed them with uncolloured iron sheets. We stayed under this roof until 2015 August when the roof was blown by heavy wind which even damaged the posts bringing everything down. It is then at that point we prayed as a church and came up the idea of making bricks to make a strong wall and later God enabled us even to roof with coloured iron sheets.Where the church is planted the land was donated…

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    God story of pastor Benjamin Pay

    I am a born again believer and assistant pastor to Rev. Geoffrey Matiti in Springs Fellowship Church. Before I got saved I was a drunkard and lived a terrible life. What I was working for was only for drinking. In bar time and else I was full of sightings and misbehaving. One time I was beaten and thrown out of the roof, I don't know how God saved me from death. One day Rev. Geoffrey came with some of church members in house and preached the Good Message; I gave my life to Jesus. From there for the first time I started going to church. There I learned slowly by…

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    Real Estate Business in Kenya

    Fact Sheet Real estate is one of the fast growing business entities in Kenya. According to both Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and regional real estate developer, Cytonn Investment Ltd, The industry's exponential evidence is supported by the contribution to the country's GDP growth as of 13.8% in 2016. Additionally, the country's overall GDP in 2019 is 6% against the average 4.1% in sub-saharan africa. Demographic trend which include rapid urbanization at 4.4% annually against global's 2.5% has attributed to significant growth in Kenya's real estate. 2019's Kenya's real estate market outlook The demand for properties, houses, flats, apartments, and hotel rooms in Kenya is ever high. In fact, every…

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    Online Market Development in Kenya

    OverviewIt's interesting that three-quarters of the African population are yet to start using the Internet, as of 2019. However, there has been progressive indicators on the business-to-consumer e-commerce space. For instance, according to UNCTAD’s report dubbed Business-to-Consumer (B2S) E-commerce Index for 2018; by December 2018, there was at least 21 million online shoppers in Africa, with Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa account for upto half of the shopping stats.When it comes to online market in Kenya, this is a subject that's influenced by three major things: mobile penetration, internet access and purchase power of the citizens.As internet penetration deepens and data costs drop, the e-commerce industry is recording a boom.…

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    Economic situation in Kenya

    Intro:Kenyan Economic Growth has seen quiet an interesting pattern especially in the past 15 years. This attributes to political pressures, Foreign Direct Investment,Part of Kenya's vision 2030 goal is to accelerate the country into not only a middle-income nation, but a knowledge-based society.According to the plan created by the Kenyan government, it was noted that to steer the country into being a middle-income country by the year 2030, It's economy statistics insist that the country's GDP ought to grow by more than seven per cent annually for two decades.So, how's the country growing these numbers? A look at Kenya's Economic ProspectsThe World Bank Group has projected Kenya’s economy to hit…

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    Springs Fellowship Church Nduumo

    Nduumo is one of the youngest of six Springs Fellowship Churches. It's 4 years old now. The church is on the high way from Mwingi to Garissa. People are mostly Kamba. Community: They have goats, chicken, cows but in small numbers. People are poor, no generating income activities thou hard working people.

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    https://africulture.de is a website, that partially shares a story of two brothers that were brought up in Kenya, in East Africa and online shopping platform for african-themed handmade products and accessories. More about the Africulture ShopThe products sold on the website e-commerce section are majorly jewelery and interior decor-styled. These include Bed sheets, Leather belts, wallets, key chains, bracelets. These products are handcrafted by locals in the maasai community and it's done using traditional techniques - hence guaranteeing quality and longevity.Other products offered on the africulture shop are backpacks, beach towels, beach-wrap for women, scarf, table cloth, fleece blankets, pillow cases, picnic sheets and dresses made from kikoy - which…

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    Computer School in Mwingi

    The project "Vita Computer School" is intended as an education program for the poor who have little or no access to computers.Vita is a latin word and means "Life". The VCS project has its roots in the acquaintance of Thomas Sommer from Switzerland, who runs his single company thomassommer.org there, and the Kenyan Geoffrey Matiti, a graduate student of ICW (Institute of Church Growth & World Mission), who was allowed to visit several churches in Switzerland. Through the contact and initial cooperation, a friendship emerged, which is now to bear fruit in the form of a church-based education program. The project is a pilot program in Kenya (Mwingi) and should…

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    Raspberry Pi Mini Computer

    In this post, you'll learn how to get started with your Raspberry Pi, how to boot it, and connecting it to WiFi network.Raspberry Pi is a a small computer that you connect a monitor and mouse to; and start using. To get started in setting up this micro computer, you'll need the following A raspberry pi computer with micro SD Memory card and Raspbian OS installed, a monitor connected via HDMI cable, USB Keyboard and mouse, power source and LAN network cable for internet connectivity. Assemble everything - the external hardwares and cables connecting it to the Raspberry Pi micro computer. Secondly, insert the micro SD card with the already…